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Believe Your Prayers Have Power

My theory is those who believe like Jesus can do the kinds of things Jesus did. Last week we looked at Jesus’ belief in divine partnership. This week, we explore a second of his beliefs: that his prayers had power.

Forty Days of Apostleship: Believe in Your Divine Partnership

As the United States struggles to get a handle on the deadly pandemic that has left so many families missing loved ones and tries to move forward after the vicious and deadly attack on our capital by white supremacists and conspiracy theorists, we can be left feeling powerless.

Forty Days of Apostleship: Six Soulful Steps to Believe Like Jesus

As Jesus journeyed to the cross and beyond, he had to be sure of one thing. Everything—his life, his ministry, his sacrifices—rested on this one thing. Jesus had to be sure that his twelve disciples were ready to step up their spiritual game.

The Secret to Church Renewal

There’s good news and bad news when it comes to church renewal. First, the good news. It’s going to be simpler to address than you thought. Next, the bad news. You won’t find the answers, or even the source of the decline, in any of the most obvious places.

5 Ways to Revitalize During a Pandemic

With increased vaccine distribution in sight, people are looking toward life returning to pre-pandemic normal again.  But why settle for normal when something even greater is possible? In this article I am going to share with you five ways to revitalize congregations...

Spiritual Lessons from Sedition

We as a nation have been reeling from the events of last Wednesday at the Capitol when rioters from a nearby Trump rally pushed past Capitol police, broke into the Capitol and violently interrupted the work of Congress in certifying the electoral process votes. The...

Modern Day Magi

Astrologers have an unusual place in the Bible.  Forbidden figures in the Old and New Testaments, these pagan priests or Magi occupy a place of honor in the bible. “After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, during the time of King Herod, Magi from the east came to...

How to Have the Best Christmas Ever

There’s nothing quite as special as Christmas Eve services. A darkened sanctuary lit with candles and the singing of Silent Night. The sacred anticipation of “Lessons and Carols.” The joy of a live nativity. The fun of a Christmas pageant. Worship centers crowded with...

In Praise of Christmas Lights

Almost overnight, enchantment stole through my neighborhood and city. Here and there, dotting homes and yards, Christmas lights appeared.  A mismatched string of blue and white draped over the fence across the street. A twinkling porch two doors down. A riot of color...

The Spiritual Value of Quarantine

A few weeks ago, my husband tested positive for COVID.  I dropped everything, hurried to the drive through testing site, relinquished my comfort for a long-stick swab of my sinus passages, and prepared for ten days of quarantine at home. Next up was cancelling...

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