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Forging a New Path

Rebekah Simon-Peter’s Forging a New Path is a groundbreaking guidebook for the post-pandemic church. As the prophet Ezekiel surveyed a valley of dry bones, God asked him, “Can these bones live?” His prophetic vision hinted at the lifelessness of worship hundreds of years ago.

In the twenty-first century, his question echoes through time in a new way: Can this church live again? Rebekah Simon-Peter responds with a resounding, “Yes, it can!”

Dream Like Jesus®

Rebekah Simon-Peter explores her own spiritual journey and helps leaders learn to get past the “standard” Christianity and learn to dream like Jesus, thus inspiring individuals and congregations to dream and achieve dreams previously thought impossible.

The Jew Named Jesus

Jesus was born a Jew, raised a Jew, lived a Jew, died a Jew, and was resurrected a Jew.  He was no backsliding Jew, but an observant Jew.  In Rebekah Simon-Peter’s “The Jew Named Jesus” the author shares her own deeply personal journey of discovering this.

Green Church

What does the Bible say about taking care of the Earth?  What is the Christian view on climate change?  What can you do to make a difference?  Connecting Scripture, science, and a wealth of personal stories, author Rebekah Simon-Peter helps you explore these questions.   Based on her own work as a scientist and a pastor, she shows you how to create a truly green church.  Perfect for small group studies, church-wide Lenten study, or as a catalyst to form a Green Team.

7 Simple Steps To Green Your Church

7 Simple Steps to Green Your Church, the companion workbook to Green Church, and 2012 selection of the United Methodist Women’s Reading program, offers a practical, stimulating, and creative step-by-step guide to greening your church over the course of one year.  From calculating the church’s carbon footprint to “paying it forward” with another congregation, this useful tool, replete with scripture verses, fun facts, and success stories from other churches offers light green, medium green and deep green solutions for caring for creation both in the church, and at home.