Church Growth: From Barriers to Breakthroughs

Tuesday, November 2, 9 and 16, 2021 – Noon – 1pm MT, 2:00-3:00pm ET


Your eye-opening course will include three one-hour sessions, worksheets, a specialized assessment, plus a 30-minute breakout session with a Certified Renewalist church growth mentor.

Session 1: Three Stubborn Barriers to Church Growth

Discover the three stubborn barriers that impede church growth. Surprise! These barriers don’t have as much to do with whether or not you offer a children’s program, livestream worship or preach the “right” theology. Instead, these barriers are grounded in the inherited attitudes and behaviors of your congregation.

Session 2: Your Congregation’s Obstacles and Opportunities

Now that you know the attitudes and behaviors that keep congregations stuck, take the first step towards a breakthrough in your ministry by assessing your congregation’s obstacles. Next, explore how and where God is present in your setting. Finally, identify natural opportunities for growth.

Session 3: Your Breakthrough Action Plan

With your congregation’s obstacles and opportunities in hand, develop a breakthrough action plan. Implement this plan with the help of a trained church growth mentor. Celebrate that even the most stubborn obstacles can be transcended.