Leadership Resilience – An Online Workshop

Leadership Resilience Series

This course is over! But you can still purchase recordings and all material and handouts included.

Fear-proof your ministry
in the midst of rapidly changing times.  Registration grants you special admission to a series of three one-hour sessions designed to boost your spiritual, emotional, and financial resilience, empowering you to pivot with greater grace and energy.  We know it’s not easy to stay centered in the midst of uncertain times. Even Jesus occasionally struggled with it.  Leadership Resilience is your answer.  This series will guide you to lead with greater courage, clarity and confidence!

Session 1:  May 6 – Strengthen Your Spiritual Immune System
During this session you will learn a simple but powerful process to clear out disempowering thoughts, limiting fears, and no-can-do language.  You will leave with a sparkling clean slate with which to choose a new future.

Session 2:  May 13 – Expand Your Emotional Intelligence
Learn how to stay CALM in the midst of the three C’s:  chaos, conflict and change. Approach changing conditions with greater self-awareness and self-regulation, giving you the ability to truly listen to others, without becoming reactionary.

Session 3:  May 20 – Create Financial Clarity
Fears and facts run together when it comes to finances. Vagueness breeds misunderstanding and upset feelings. In this session, you will discover a step-by-step approach to create financial clarity, while assuring more fiscal stability in these changing times.