Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste:
From Breakdown to Breakthrough

Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste: From Breakdown to Breakthrough

This course is over, but you can still purchase recordings from the live course.  Includes any additional handouts or PowerPoints.

Crises generate chaos and miracles. While the COVID-19 pandemic has caused breakdowns of every sort, it has also created openings for breakthroughs in our churches. And now, breakthroughs are possible in addressing concerns about systemic racism. This three-session short course will empower you to claim all that you have learned during the pandemic, celebrate your newfound capacities, and discover how to build on what you have gained. Finally, envision tomorrow’s miracles.

Session 1: June 10 – Discover What Matters Most
During the pandemic people have discovered what they most want out of church. In this session, you will clarify which activities and offerings are central to being church, and which are peripheral. Discover which activities to hang on to, and which ones to let go.

Session 2: June 17 – Solidify Your Gains
The coronavirus has done for churches what they could not do for themselves by necessitating dramatic shifts in how churches operate. Find out which shifts your congregation has made. Discern how to keep these gains in place.

Session 3: June 24 – Celebrate Your Growth
Recognize and celebrate the unexpected ways you and your congregation are growing during the pandemic. Additionally, acknowledge the gaps the pandemic has revealed. Finally, envision tomorrow’s miracles, and map out the steps that will get you there.