Does Your Church Dream Like Jesus?

We are careful to make sure that everyone is on board before we move forward with a new idea.   
We can’t afford to lose more members or make people upset.  So we only take risks that we know will work out and that don’t put our finances in jeopardy. 
We fail at some of the things we try.
We have a bold vision for our church which guides our finances, ministries, and outreach.
We offer ministries that both comfort people and that challenge them.
We sit in the same seats every week so we can easily locate who is missing or not in attendance.
Many of our key lay leaders have been in the same position for at least ten years.
We get along beautifully! We really don’t fight about anything or have conflict of any sort.
We are excited about what the Holy Spirit is doing in our midst. We’re not sure where it’s all going, but we trust God to show us the way.
At least 20% of our congregation is involved in some kind of regular Bible Study.
Our actual outreach ministries take place outside of the church building. We go to them. We don’t make them come to us.
Our pastor doesn’t know who gives to the church or how much.
We talk about giving, stewardship, and tithing on a regular basis in our church.
The preacher often preaches sermons that make the congregation think, and sometimes even squirm.
Lay people in the church sometimes ask the pastor to challenge them more.
I know everyone in the church. Most of us have been friends for a long time.
Prayer and spiritual disciplines are an important part of the life of our church.
Sometimes we cancel all our meetings and give people a break from the work of the church.