Track 2

Leadership Smarts


Are you the leader you want to be?

Discover how Jesus led. Learn how to skillfully engage others to make a lasting difference. Transform self-limiting beliefs into faithful actions. Support and develop new leaders through mentoring. Craft a bold vision that inspires, unifies, and sets the stage for exponential growth.

Propel Your Development as a Leader


Pass it On

Learn the art and skill of effective mentoring. Mentor others to stay sharp on the DiSC®-based distinctions you learned in Track 1.


Action & Accountability

Work with a Mentor to reach for new goals and accomplish more than you thought possible.


Leadership Profiles

Take the Everything DiSC® 363 for Leaders and the Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders to sharpen your skills and expand your abilities.*


Cast a Vision

Learn the best practices of crafting and casting a vision that moves your congregation forward into a brand new future.



Take advantage of bonus coaching that empowers you to move from breakdown to breakthrough.


Monthly Flow of Learning

Each month the Track 2 Workbook walks you through a weekly process of reflection, insight, and action for effective spiritual leadership.

Week One

1.5 Hours – Webinar and Buddy Call

Week Two

1 Hour – Preparation for Mentoring and Online Collaborative Learning

Week Three

3 Hours – Online Group Meeting and Mentor Call

Week Four

2.5 Hours – Put Your Learnings into Practice and Meet with Your Mentee

Preparation & Participation
Time Commitment

Average of 8 hours per month.

Leadership Profiles: Everything DiSC® 363 for Leaders

Continue the journey of growth and self-awareness you began in Track 1 with the Everything DiSC® 363 for Leaders. You’ll receive insightful and personalized feedback from those around you including supervisors and peers. You wind up with an empowering and constructive understanding of your strengths and three specific strategies for development. No more wondering about how to be a better leader.

Leadership Profiles: Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders

In this amazing profile, you’ll learn leadership best practices for crafting a bold vision.
These best practices are mapped over your personal DiSC profile revealing insights you can build on. You’ll learn the habits and practices of the very best leaders, and how to incorporate them into your own ministry.

Continuing Education Units and Credentials

Continue working toward earning your Certified Renewalist credential.


You’ll receive a specially designed workbook to guide your progress.

Three Steps to Creating Renewal

Track 1

Congregational Intelligence

Who am I leading?

Gain greater self-acceptance and appreciation of others. Empower a congregational leadership team with new hope and awareness.

Track 2

Leadership Smarts

How am I Leading?

Learn how to skillfully engage others to make a lasting difference and craft a bold vision that sets the stage for exponential growth.

Track 3

Culture Shift

Where am I Leading?

Guided by Jesus' own example of ministry, refine your vision, gain alignment and champion execution of a new Kingdom-inspired goal.