Bring Renewal to Your Conference, District or Congregation


Jesus was a visionary who dreamed big dreams. Those dreams are reflected in his prayer, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is heaven.” Although we follow this visionary, our churches are not always thriving. Why? Almost 100% of church decline is due to lack of a bold vision. Discover how to dream like Jesus in this life-giving, faith-building, interactive course. And how to bring those dreams to fruition.

Here’s what you’ll learn:
Pre-Work: Does Your Church Dream Like Jesus? Take an online quiz to assess your congregation.

Session 1: Dare to Dream

a. Own Your Spiritual Authority

b. Explore the Five Surprise Elements of a Jesus-like Dream

c. Intro to Craft Your Jesus-Like Dream

d. Your Divine Dream Assignment: Craft Your Jesus-Like Dream

Session 2: Align Others to the Dream

a. Create Your Rationale

b. Anticipate Potential Resistance

c. Intro to Identify Congregational Culture

d. Your Divine Dream Assignment: Identify Congregational Culture

Session 3: Realize the Dream

a. Map Your Strategy

b. Communicate and Celebrate

c. Intro to Take Courageous Action

d. Your Divine Dream Assignment: Take Courageous Action

Session 4: Expand the Dream

a. Count the Impacts

b. Praise Your Partnership

c. Delight in Faith

d. Your Divine Dream Assignment: Delight in Faith


Five Quantum Leaps of Faith for Next Generation Leaders

Jesus Christ invites each of us to take the next step of faith by moving from discipleship to apostleship.  In fact he invites us to take 5 specific, inspiring leaps of faith that move us from being followers to being empowered, miracle-working leaders.  Catapult your spiritual journey to the next level as you explore and experience these 5 leaps of faith.

  • Be Fruitful and Multiply Like Jesus  There’s more to following Jesus than emulating the spiritual principles he taught.  We are also
    called to multiply ourselves as leaders.
  • Be Empowered Like Jesus  Jesus authorized his followers to do the very things he did.  Discover how to receive his authorization in your life and to put it into effect.
  • Be Accountable Like Jesus  We are called to live fully into our greatness. Practice owning your own giftedness and being accountable for living into your potential.
  • Believe Like Jesus  How did Jesus’ followers do all that he did?  The answer will surprise you.  Explore how to live beyond having faith in Jesus, to having the faith of Jesus.
  • Love Like Jesus  Jesus’ love transformed the world.  Where did it come from and how did he do it?  Discover the source of Jesus’ love and how to share it with others.

The Workshop

This invigorating workshop is part inspirational Bible study, part self-exploration, and part experiential spiritual growth.  It’s 100% designed to jolt you out of spiritual and vocational complacency.  Set aside what you think you know about leading like Jesus, and be prepared to discover a whole new avenue for deep spiritual growth.


Session 1: Your Money Assumptions Uncover underlying assumptions that shape your comfort and discomfort with money.
Session 2: Your Money Values Identify core values that affect your own approach to money.
Session 3: Stewardship and Leadership Discover how your values color your approach to stewardship in the congregation.
Session 4: Biblical Models of Financial Leadership Explore Biblical models of financial stewardship, including Jesus’ own relationship to money.


Maximizing Your Leadership Culture

Disciple-making is a key component in the growth and health of churches.  Yet, according to the Bible, disciples don’t make other disciples; apostles do.   In this eye-opening workshop, uncover the 5A’s of biblical apostleship and how they apply in your ministry setting.  Discover if your leadership culture is geared toward apostle-making or toward decline.  And what to do about it!

Get ready to:

  • Revolutionize your understanding of discipleship and apostleship
  • Discover the 5 A’s of Biblical apostleship
  • Clarify what’s missing in your leadership culture and what to do about it
  • Discern your next step on the journey to apostle-making
  • Identify the secret apostle in the Bible and why that matters to your faith


In this fun and interactive experience, you’ll learn the 3 P’s of human behavior – pace, preference, and perspective – and how they shape and misshape group culture.  Together with your team, congregation, or leadership group, you’ll discover how they impact ministries of your church, worship and stewardship.  And what to do about it.

As a bonus, we’ll also address a 4th P:  power.

You’ll gain greater self-awareness and sharper decision-making skills as your congregation gains insight into their congregational culture.

The Workshop

This workshop is good for any size group and runs from 1-6 hours

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create a sense of urgency that moves people forward even when they prefer a slower pace.
  • Re-invigorate ministries by merging the practical and relational preferences of people.
  • Quickly discover how to handle obstacles to change.
  • Identify why some people participate and others don’t, and how to tap into anyone’s intrinsic motivation.
  • Solve the mystery of the different perspectives that make people do what they do.
  • Speed up your congregation’s ability to embrace new ideas.


Increase Your Leaders’ Emotional Intelligence

This fun and insightful experience will promote self-awareness, forgiveness, compassion, and understanding for you, your top leaders and members of your congregation. As a result, newfound energy unfolds, transforming the way you and your key leaders do ministry together!

Get Ready to:

  • Enhance your people skills to create happier relationships.
  • Heighten your ability to work together for the common good.
  • Restore your faith in people while learning how to defuse tension and misunderstanding.
  • Draw out the best contributions from each of your people.
  • Learn how to bring out the best in people who frustrate you most.

The Retreat


  • Leadership Retreat for you and your top staff, leaders and members
  • Insightful tool for Emotional Intelligence: Everything DiSC® Workplace profiles*
  •  Unlimited access to post-workshop learning
  • At a Glance Tools:  Group Culture, Group Map, Team View


Imagine dealing with conflict without getting defensive, anxious, snarky, aggressive or passive; and without backing down, gossiping, avoiding, or freezing up.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

The Online Workshop

In the all-new “Mastering Conflict” online workshop, we help church leaders just like you to:

  • Understand the three hidden factors that drive destructive conflict
  • Identify and disarm your own destructive responses
    Increase your capacity to respond to conflict without fear or anxiety
  • Maximize your emotional intelligence so that conflict becomes productive not destructive
  • Courageously tackle tough conversations with calm and confidence

The workshop includes the brand new Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict profile plus follow-up tools.

Register today, and get your personalized results immediately after completing the online profile.  You’ll be equipped with confidence to head into Advent, Christmas, and the New Year!


Does your congregation receive the kind of weekly and monthly offering it should?

  • Unravel the hidden messages in your weekly and annual messages about money, giving, and financial stewardship that keep giving low.
  • Identify mixed messages that sabotage giving.
  • Create an action plan to straighten out communications and increase congregational giving.

Each participant will be asked to bring a sample worship bulletin, as well as figures for overall congregational giving for the past 5-10 years.    During the workshop, you will create an action plan to straighten out communications and increase congregational giving.

The Results

  • Identify the hidden barriers to asking for and receiving larger offerings.
  • Prevent unintentional communications which can sabotage giving.
  • Newfound confidence to talk about stewardship in a way that engages, not alienates, listeners.
  • Improved ability to tap into congregational generosity that ups giving.
  • Increased ease in talking about, asking for, and receiving money.

The Workshop

This workshop can be done in a one-day or two-day format.