Many congregations are not thriving.

Empowering Church Leaders to Unite and Grow Their Congregations

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Church Attendance is in Decline and Many Congregations are Struggling to Survive.

Some have even had to close their doors.

Church leaders themselves are spending too much time soothing feelings instead of stirring hearts. Ministering from the rearview mirror instead of the magnificent expanse right in front of their very eyes. And limiting themselves to what’s most likely instead of what’s miraculous.

It looks like the congregation or the community is the problem, but the secret to renewal is that church leaders themselves hold the key to transformation.

Church Leaders Hold the Key to Transformation

When church leaders are skilled in emotional intelligence, are grounded spiritually, and equipped with leadership smarts, they can handle conflict, inspire others, and lead with vision. That’s when renewal begins! Congregations unite and growth occurs.

It’s time to dream like Jesus again.

Believe Like Jesus

Raised in the Jewish religion, Rebekah Simon-Peter became a follower of Jesus and was ordained a United Methodist minister. She saw a vital need for boldness within congregations and their communities. To get out of the mire and into the miracle.

She saw that we could be so much more…if only we move from believing in Jesus to believing like Jesus.

How You Can Be Empowered to Believe and Dream Like Jesus

Creating a Culture of Renewal®

This program transforms church leaders so they feel confident, equipped, and empowered to unite their congregations.

The Platinum Rule for Thriving Congregations

A leadership retreat for key staff, leaders, and members will help you transform the way you do ministry together.

Dream Like Jesus®

This book inspires leaders, teams, and congregations to achieve dreams previously thought impossible.

Without a Vision, Churches Perish

Does your church have any of these symptoms?

Shrinking numbers

The first warning sign of a church in decline.

Stagnant giving:

If you don’t lead with vision, people won’t be inspired to give.

Gutless prayer

Pastoral prayer reveals which churches are playing it safe, and which are playing full out.

Bait-and-switch evangelism

Young people are looking for a vibrant community of faith, not a poorly disguised attempt to increase donations.

Problem people

Conflict increases as the pool of resources decreases.

Listless worship

Without vision, worship is like throwing a party where the guest of honor never shows up.

Insulated focus

A congregation that isn’t an integral part of the life of the community.

Dead-end decision making

 When caution elbows faith out of the driver’s seat, nothing gets accomplished.

You could be doing a lot of things right, but not enough of the right things.

Underlying each of these symptoms is one common denominator: lack of a daring vision.

We can help you create and bring your vision to life.

Take Charge of Your Congregation’s Future

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