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Renewal Assessment

This self-scoring assessment highlights best practices in 7 areas of congregational renewal.
Score yourselves on a scale of 1-5 where 1 is never, 2 is rarely, 3 is sometimes, 4 is frequently, and 5 is always.

Discover next steps on your journey toward renewal.

We know why we exist.

Our vision is a reflection of our mission.

We are excited and committed to our mission.

We have a fresh vision that guides and challenges us. It expands assumptions about what we thought was possible.

Our vision is too big for us to fulfill on our own. It requires the presence and power of God to fulfill it.

Everyone knows what our vision is. It’s evocative, inspiring, and easy to remember.

Our vision points beyond us, and the survival of the church, to the community and Kingdom around us.

Our ministries are aligned with our mission and our vision.

Our ministries offer both comfort and challenge.

We serve people outside of the church, and inside the church.

The people who participate in our ministries are growing spiritually.

We take actions based in our trust of God. Not just personal preferences or budgetary constraints.

We sometimes overreach, and push beyond our limits—trusting that God will help us when we fall short.

We have seen our collective faith and trust in God grow as we have tried new things.

Our leadership and congregation are grounded in healthy, life-giving spiritual practices.

We regularly talk about our spiritual life. And our experiences with the Holy. It’s not relegated to Sunday morning or private time.  We’re honest about the good things and the hard things.

We encourage a variety of spiritual practices that address different needs, styles and temperaments.

People in our setting have experienced the movement of the Spirit in a personally meaningful way.

People are growing as followers of Jesus Christ.

We care about each other. But we don’t walk on eggshells around each other, or use relationships as an excuse to avoid doing new things.

We have fun together. We do things for the sole purpose of getting to know each other better, and to enjoy each other’s company.

We are comfortable disagreeing with each other, and debating new ideas.

There is variety in the way we worship, study, and serve. We do things in a way that not everyone always agrees with.

We freely communicate our wins and our losses, and are comfortable celebrating what’s working.

We do not insist on consensus in decision-making. Even so, everyone gets to have their say.

It’s not unusual for us to take action before we have all the implications figured out. We act even though we don’t always know how things will turn out.

We regularly rotate leadership. No one stays on and on and on in the same position.

We allow ministries to go dormant if they don’t have active leadership. We match needs and desires, not just fill spaces.

Our leaders participate in training and continuing education.

We make decisions in a timely manner and practice high accountability.

We have strong leadership. But the leaders don’t do everything. They mentor and disciple others.

Our leaders are active in the spiritual life of the church. They demonstrate courageous faith.

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