I want my leadership to make a real difference. For my congregation and community. But sometimes I feel like I’m just surviving. Not thriving.

When managing ministry requires all your attention, you can get burned out.  Are you seeking balance and renewal for your life and your call to ministry?

Managing people well in ministry is a skill that has to be learned.

Misunderstandings are a common occurrence in any group or community.  Would transforming fears, reconciling relationships, and reconnecting with your inner divinity change your life?


Take the next step on your leadership journey.

“I wish this program had come along 30 years ago because it’s been one of the most beneficial programs that I have ever been a part of.”
– Neely Landrum, Pastor
Creating a Culture of Renewal® (CCR) has been life-changing for many church leaders:
Reaffirming the experience to which God has called them
Recognizing they have God-gifted leadership qualities that are unique to them
Communicating with more clarity and focus—even when there are differing personalities, priorities, and opinions
Uniting their congregations and seeing their God-given vision come to life

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Move away from fear and into faith so you can lead with confidence.

Empowering church leaders since 2011

3,000+ church leaders transformed

Countless lives touched

How Creating a Culture of Renewal® Works

During this three-year program, you’ll be learning and growing as part of a cohort with other church leaders, as well as one-on-one time with a buddy, and a mentor, and finally, reflective time on your own.

You’ll be guided through three phases in your leadership transformation. Each is designed specifically to empower you to overcome the struggles you and your congregation are currently facing.

By committing to 8-10 hours a month, you will feel reenergized in your ministry and confident in your ability to lead your congregation.

Hear what other church leaders have to say about their transformation and the impact on their ministry.
Feel confident in your ability to change lives —including your own.
The Breakdown of Creating a Culture of Renewal®
Track One: Congregational Intelligence
In the first year, this is where you’ll:
Increase your emotional intelligence, gain greater self-acceptance and deepen your appreciation of others.
Decode hidden messages unintentionally delivered through worship and ministries of the church that reinforce a stuck culture.
Work with a trained mentor to turn insight into action.
Empower a congregational team of leaders with new hope and awareness.
Broaden your ability to get along with people who would normally drive you crazy!
Uncover the unspoken messages communicated to the congregation that hamper people’s spiritual growth.
Reduce the unintentional dynamics at play in your congregation that prevent change from occurring.
Dramatically increase the number of people actively engaged in ministry.
Disarm bullies and manage conversations with strong-willed individuals.
Improve your church’s finances by learning how to tap into people’s natural motivators for giving.
Track Two: Leadership Smarts
In the second year, you’ll:
Learn how to skillfully engage others to make a lasting difference.
Discover your well-used and under-used leadership behaviors.
Support and develop new leaders through mentoring while boosting your own leadership confidence.
Guided by Jesus’ own example, craft a Kingdom-oriented vision that energizes, inspires, unifies, and sets the stage for exponential growth.
Increase your satisfaction in ministry while exploring the gifts others appreciate about you.
Gain deeper clarity about your under-utilized assets and how to employ them.
Avoid the mistakes that sabotage your natural capacity to lead.
Shift the culture of your congregation from fear-based to faith-based decision-making.
Track Three: Culture Shift
In the third year, you’ll:
Advance from discipleship to apostleship as you place faith in Jesus and dare to embrace the faith of Jesus.
Enlarge your capacity for apostle-making by effectively mentoring a participant in Track 2.
Shift the culture of your congregation from regret, resignation, resistance, reluctance, or irrelevance to renewal.
Confidently engage your people to motivate them in a new direction of ministry.
Gain people’s buy-in for your vision and prevent all the work from falling back on to your shoulders.
See the new vision through to completion and make it a new reality.
Transform a risk-averse culture into a congregation willing to dream like Jesus, enthusiastically tackling new initiatives and launching new ministries.
Instill a bold vision that exponentially expands what you and your congregation thought possible.
Join us in a life-changing experience.
When you register for Creating a Culture of Renewal®, you’ll gain access to:
Everything DiSC® profiles: A suite of tools to boost your emotional intelligence and leadership skills so you can confidently lead your congregation.
Three Creating a Culture of Renewal® workbooks, one for each year, that draw you deep into the learning process.
A trained mentor, plus a Buddy, and two top-notch faculty that will guide you through your transformation.
A learning platform with interactive documents, videos, and more.
Twenty-one facilitated online group meetings for collaborative learning.
A Creating a Culture of Renewal® binder especially tailored to your learning.
Six retreats where you’ll have the opportunity to connect deeply with others.
The chance to earn your Certified Renewalist designation, demonstrating your mastery of cutting edge skills and competencies.
And a few other fun surprises that you’ll receive along the way…
If you’re tired of sleepless nights and you’re ready to take a bold step— Now is your opportunity.

When Jesus asked the man with palsy to arise and walk, it required faith.

When Jesus asked the blind man to wash the clay from his eyes, it required faith.

When Jesus asked Peter to step out of the boat and walk on the churning waves, it required faith.

You are at a crossroad and it’s time to decide.
Will you continue going along with the way things are now?
Or will you take your first step of faith toward creating a new life?
Remember what brought you here.
You are yearning for more in your ministry

More joy

More hope

More fulfillment

When you participate in Creating a Culture of Renewal®, you will experience:
Increased confidence in yourself as a church leader.
Better relationships and communication with the people you work with.
Greater self-acceptance and appreciation of others.
Overcoming doubt and gaining buy-in from your congregation.
A bold vision that sets the stage for exponential church growth.
Materializing your bold vision and seeing your church transform.
What is that worth to you?
It’s important that you know this upfront—when you register for Creating a Culture of Renewal®, you are committing to a three-year process. Throughout this time, we are 100% committed to your transformation. We ask you to be all in—because in order to make significant change in yourself and your congregation, you’ll need to be 100% committed to the process, too. For this reason, we don’t offer refunds or cancellations.

Are you ready to invest in growth for yourself and your congregation?

Will you take that step of faith?
You can register with confidence. Your information is safe.

Want to register a cohort? Email us at office@rebekahsimonpeter.com

Our next Creating a Culture of Renewal® cohorts start with online opening retreats in Fall 2022.

Click here to register. Regular registration rates end on July 1st.








What happens after you register for Creating a Culture of Renewal®?

You’ll receive an email confirming your registration.

A welcome email will also be sent to you with log in details to the membership site.

You’ll be placed into a cohort of other like-minded people with skilled faculty to lead you, and assigned a guide who is there to help you along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions
What if my congregation doesn’t want to change? Or if I don’t think I can get them to go along with this?
Perfect! The truth is, you don’t need to have their alignment to begin the process.

It’s during the process itself that you will know how to get them on board with any project and dream you put before them. Their unwillingness to move could be a sign that this program is perfect for you. Because you’re going to learn everything you need to know to work with congregations that resist change.

What’s included for the price?

A lot!

  • Twenty-one high engagement online group meetings with your cohort.
  • Six retreats.
  • Three professionally designed workbooks.
  • Three gold-standard Everything DiSC® profiles that reveal more about your strengths and challenges.
  • A trained mentor you meet with each month, plus a Buddy, a close-knit cohort to journey with you, and two top-notch faculty to support and guide you.
  • Materials to engage ten leaders in your ministry setting.
  • And, a state-of-the-art learning platform.
How large are the cohorts?
They range in size from 8-20 people.
Why should I invest all this time and money in CCR?
This program increases your value as a leader within your congregation, region, or denomination. You will increase your communication skills and ability to work with all different kinds of people. You will become a more empowered leader, who is seen as an example. You will be able to apply the skills you develop, as well as the resources and tools you receive, to any ministry setting in which you find yourself.

This holds true for pastors in established congregations, or new church starts, as well as laity. It accelerates the rate at which you can come to know and understand your people. It also extends the honeymoon period. You discover the unspoken messages and hidden dynamics of a congregation a lot more quickly including the barriers that hold people back. Instead of spending 12-18 months getting to know the congregation better, you can be working together with them to create new ministries, and get better connected in the community—especially in the rapidly changing world, where you might not know how to connect with people or don’t have all that much contact with them.

How do I know if this program is right for me?

This program is right for you if you want to:

  • Discover or fulfill your calling
  • Expand your leadership capacity, or retool for changing times
  • Learn how to craft a vision, get others on board with it, and champion its execution

Or if you think there has to be more to ministry, or your calling, or the church, or faith. Or you if are looking for a quality CEU experience.

Why is this program 3 years?
We use the drip method of learning by uncovering blind spots in your spiritual formation.

Self-discovery takes time. Preparing people for a big bold vision requires time. They have to increase their trust in you, themselves, and in God. Implementing a big bold vision also takes time. Growing in your own self-awareness takes time.

How many CEUs can I earn, per track, or total?
Five CEUs per track; 15 CEUs total.
What happens when I “graduate” or complete CCR, what next?
You can join the graduate community, called Visioneers! Here you get ongoing support to carry out your vision, continue growing, and to mentor and be mentored.
What if I get moved or go to another church or change jobs between tracks? Will this still work?
Yes, absolutely! The skills you learn and apply in one track are transferrable to another ministry setting. In fact, you will use this learning in every ministry setting and relationship you have from here on out. It becomes deeply interwoven into your way of approaching relationships, projects, and groups.
Will this course contain materials that I can use for my position within the church?
Yes. It is designed for both clergy and laity, as well as denominational executives or faith-based leaders who lead at a higher level.
What is the time commitment?
8-10 hours per month.

Unlike many other programs, this program is designed to pull you deeper into your congregation rather than taking time away from your congregation. You’ll take a deep dive into moving your congregation forward.

Each month you’ll participate in a 90-minute webinar, as well as a call with your Mentor, and a call with a Buddy. You’ll also spend time engaging with the workbook and sharing what you are learning with a group of leaders in your ministry setting.

We’ve already done vision work. How is this different?
Most visions are actually church-improvement plans. But church improvement plans don’t create a sustainable shift in culture. Creating a Culture of Renewal® teaches you how to create and enact Kingdom-oriented visions that empower your whole community.
Who is this program for?
Laity, clergy, denominational executives, non-profit faith-based leaders, leaders of teams, church leaders in established congregations, as well as people planting new churches.
What is a Certified Renewalist?
The Certified Renewalist credential demonstrates your ability to re-create a culture of renewal in whatever ministry setting you find yourself in. Earning this designation through Creating a Culture of Renewal® is a recognition of your proficiency in a remarkable set of skills increasingly necessary for faith-based leaders. These skills include practicing emotionally intelligent leadership; transcending barriers, fears, and concerns that diminish your leadership; and crafting a vision while gaining alignment for it, and championing its execution.
How is CCR different from other programs out there?
This program holds you to high standards and accountability. People tell us that because of CCR, they now have the best support system of any program they have ever been a part of.

Not only that, Creating a Culture of Renewal® teaches you how to develop and implement Kingdom-oriented visions for the community, not simply goals for the congregation. In other programs, the church is the object of the vision, which reinforces an insulated focus. In this program, the church is the agent of the vision so that you can positively impact the whole community.

Other programs emphasize making disciples. This program teaches you how to make apostles.

What do I get from 3 tracks, and are the tracks individual, or do they all add into each other?
Creating a Culture of Renewal® is a three-year program, where each year builds on the previous year’s breakthroughs, guiding you to new heights of leadership.

In the first track, Congregational Intelligence, you learn, build, and apply emotional intelligence to everyday ministry areas, such as sermons and stewardship to children and youth programs. You discover the hidden dynamics at play that conspire to keep things stuck. You begin to expand the culture of the congregation so that it can become ready for a vision. It’s like cultivating the soil for the seeds of vision in Track 2.

In the second track, Leadership Smarts, you look closely at your own leadership and the leadership of Jesus, and craft a vision. You deepen your spiritual life, and dig deeper into your faith to create the groundwork for visioning within your ministry setting. Lastly, you move into visioning within your ministry settings to create your vision that will impact your entire community, when you Dream Like Jesus® and dream big!

Track 3 is all about Culture Shift. You have been planting seeds to shift from disciples to apostles to allow more people to take the gospel into the world.

What is your Commitment and Transfer policy?

We ask you to be “all in”. That’s what it takes for transformation. Likewise, you can count on us to be “all in” for you.  We are 100% committed to your transformation! While we don’t offer refunds or cancel registrations, we do know that life happens.  You can take a year off between tracks. For more information, see our policy.

How do I become part of the faculty?
All our CCR Faculty are graduates of the program. Once you are in the process, you can apply to join the Faculty.
Will I be able to apply this learning to my church, or another assignment?
For sure! This program is designed by church leaders for church leaders. And the material is designed to be immediately applicable.
How do I apply my learnings from CCR within my church and/or leadership team?
Each month, the workbook gives you ideas about how to apply this in your ministry setting. Your mentor works with you to come up with actions you can take each month to apply what you are learning. The program is strong on application.
Scholarships and sponsorships questions.
How much does it cost?
Click here to see the various rates.
How do others afford this?
Our participants use a mixture of funds from their congregations—such as memorial funds, endowment funds, continuing education funds, leadership development funds in the budget, special gifts, and benefactors—funds from their district, and funds from their denomination. Some participants pay out of pocket.
Will my church, and/or church conference, pay for this?
Most pay for at least part of it.

We recommend you have some skin in the game. This is a high accountability process that asks you to stretch, risk, and grow. In our experience, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. We recommend that one third come from you or your congregation, and one third from your district, and one third from your denomination or other source. Ask and you shall receive.

Are there resources available in my district or conference?

Each district, conference, and denomination is different. Here are the places we suggest you start looking:

  • Ministerial Educational Funds
  • grants in your district or conference
  • grants given by denominational agencies
  • leadership development in the congregation’s budget
  • clergy continuing education dollars in the church budget
Do you know of any scholarship or grants currently available?
Yes. Districts and conferences partner with us to offer you a lower rate because they believe this is a worthwhile program to invest in. Check with us to see which ones are currently in partnership with us and include in your email: your full name, denomination, clergy or laity, church or ministry location (city and state/province).
What if I cannot afford this?
Look beyond the normal bounds of where you think money is available to see what other sources of support are out there.

Often people who say they can’t afford this haven’t actually asked their congregation for support. It is important to ask.

Need some help? Reach out to us for spot coaching on both how to ask for money and how to receive it. James wrote, “You have not because you ask not.” We have found that to be true.

Why is this more expensive compared to other programs out there?
We get it. You are used to paying less for other church-related programs. Not to toot our own horn, but this program really works. That’s because we have been refining this process for years, and have poured our hearts and souls into it—not to mention our pocketbooks—so that you can experience exceptional results. You are paying for the quality of the program as well as the excellent team of people who are here to serve you.

One more thing. When you really think about it, the price of this program is a lot less costly than dashed hopes and dreams, a disappointed community, and a church that doesn’t fulfill its purpose.

See the transformations these church leaders made in their lives and the lives of their congregation and community.
This is not only an investment in your ministry and leadership skills. It’s an investment in your community’s future.
How much would you value something that you knew would shift the culture of your congregation and move you from a culture of reluctance and resignation, to a culture of vitality and growth? And that would move you from church improvement plans to Kingdom-oriented visions for your community?

Life-changing experiences that significantly impact others now and in the future is priceless—especially when it’s something you envisioned, enlisted the support of your congregation, and made it happen.

You can register with confidence. Your information is safe.

Want to register a cohort? Email us at office@rebekahsimonpeter.com

If you’re still unsure about taking this step of faith, ask yourself this:
What is it costing me to stay where I am?

Many started exactly where you are now.

  • They were feeling unfulfilled.
  • They felt like they didn’t fit in.
  • They felt misunderstood.
  • They had to work with someone they didn’t get along with.
  • They were in crisis.
And even when they were presented this opportunity to change, they were concerned about the same things you are now.

  • Where will I get the funds?
  • Will this help me?
  • Will this really make a difference?

They prayed for a way. They worked out a way. They found a way.

And they have had life-changing experiences happen within themselves, their congregation, and their community.

They went through the same challenges you’re facing now. And they made it to the other side.

Don’t let your fears dictate your actions.

You can register with confidence. Your information is safe.

Want to register a cohort? Email us at office@rebekahsimonpeter.com