Have You Forgotten to Dream
—Like Jesus?

Create an inspiring vision to engage your church and to manifest the miraculous in your congregation and community.

You Cannot Achieve More When You Choose to See Less
I believe most of church decline, strife within congregations and communities, and stagnant growth are due to a lack of a bold vision…a vision that reflects Jesus’ dream of heaven on earth.

Renewal Requires a Living, Bold Vision

You can create Jesus-like dreams that are both inspiring and risky—the only kind that truly make a difference. And you don’t have to wait until the world settles down or until people are of one heart and one mind. 

You can start now. You can have a say in how the future goes.

The DARE to Dream Like Jesus® Plan Will Show You How

The DARE to Dream Like Jesus® plan is a 4-step process that will empower you and your congregation to:

Dream like Jesus

Align others to the dream

Realize the dream and bring it to life

Expand the dream and its impact