Resolve to Evolve: Be Bold!

by | Jan 27, 2014

This week, I’m continuing to share tips for people of faith who are resolved to evolve in 2014.
In case you missed them, Tip #1 was  Get Authentic.   Tip #2 is Get to know Jesus, again.
Here’s Tip#3: Be bold!  
Is there something you’ve been wanting to say?  Or do?  I met with a church leader who told me she has waited 2 years to tell a board that their work was ineffective.  No one was taking action.
The truth is, it was ineffective, partly, because for 2 years, she hadn’t spoken up about what she felt or thought.
I can relate.  I have a persistent fear that if I say what I really see or believe or think then people won’t like me.  Too often I censor what I say.
A friend helped me trace that fear back to it’s roots.  Here’s how it goes:  If people don’t like me, they’ll talk bad about me.  If they talk bad about me, other people won’t like me.  If no one likes me, then there will be no place I fit in.  If there’s no place I fit in, I’ll have no choice but to die.
A-ha!  It’s not an inconsequential fear.  But it’s also not rational.  I thought back to quite a few times when saying something that needed to be said required particular courage. Never once did I die.  Neither did anyone else!  (That’s not true for all people all of the time of course.  Think MLK.  Think Jesus.)
Hmm….maybe the consequences for speaking my mind aren’t as dire as I supposed.  In fact, others expressed relief and gratitude that SOMEBODY finally said SOMETHING.
Leaders lead.  Even when it’s unpopular.
What are others waiting for YOU to say or do?
On this MLK day, as you resolve to evolve, be bold!  When it comes to speaking out for those on the margin, there are no end of things that NEED to be said.   Resolve to say what God has placed on your heart.  Live out your true calling as a leader. Somebody, somewhere, will be grateful you did.
I would love to hear how you are being bold this year!  Or, if you’re having trouble finding the courage to do so.  Let’s talk.
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