Resolve to Evolve: Do it Wrong!

by | Jan 30, 2014

This week, I bring you the last tip for people of faith who are resolved to evolve in 2014.  In case you missed the previous ones, Tip #1 was  Get Authentic.   Tip #2 was Get to know Jesus, again.  Tip #3 was Be bold!
Here’s Tip #4:  Do it Wrong!
You heard me right:  Do it wrong.
Here are five reasons why doing it wrong may just be right.
1.  Trying something, even if it’s wrong, may be better than not doing anything at all.  Peter tried to walk on water.  Yes, he got afraid and lost his buoyancy.  But we wouldn’t have the idea of stepping out on faith if it weren’t for him!
2.  You may get something else right.  Some of the best things have come about because somebody did it wrong.  Post It Notes were a result of a glue that was too weak for it’s intended purpose.  The glue got nixed.  But we got Post It Notes!
3.  All the stuff we now think of as “normal” was once unimagined.  Worshiping in cathedrals was the norm in Christian Europe, but house churches were the norm in the American Frontier.  Who knows what the future holds?  Try your  new idea, even if it doesn’t pan out.

4.  The world is changing quickly. As one blogger wrote, “By the time you put in all that work to do it the way they told you it is done, they aren’t doing it that way anymore!”    What if the Israelites had insisted on bringing farming equipment with them out of Egypt and into the desert?  They would’ve missed the beauty of the manna.  And the building of their faith.     Follow the prompting of the Spirit…and do the next right thing. Even if it turns out to be “wrong.”

As you resolve to evolve this year, have the courage to do it wrong!  Who knows?  It might turn out to be just right.
I would love to hear the things you are doing wrong…and right…this year!  Let’s talk.
In the meantime, did you catch the thing/s I did wrong in this note?

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