Track 1

Congregational Intelligence

Is Your Congregation

Reaching Its Full Potential?

Increase your emotional intelligence and gain greater self-acceptance and appreciation of others. Decode hidden messages unintentionally delivered through worship and ministries of the church which reinforce a stuck culture. Work with a trained mentor to turn insight into action. Empower a congregational leadership team with new hope and awareness.

Explore these Elements of Congregational Intelligence



Explore what makes you tick and what ticks you off! Learn how your priorities, motivators, and stressors impact the church.


Group Dynamics

Your group dynamics either promote or limit growth. Discover what’s at play in your congregations.


Communicating with Adults

Who your communications include and who they leave out. And what they say about God, the Church and Discipleship.


Communicating With Children and Youth

Discover if your message unintentionally affirms some kids while excluding others. And what to do about it.


The Worship Service

Uncover potent unspoken messages communicated to the congregation that hurt the message. Learn powerful ways to renew faith and expand action.


Ministries of the Church

Maximize people’s time and energy while minimizing stress. Discover who gets involved and why. Create functional teams. Increase ministries.



Clarify mixed messages about money. Improve giving by learning how to employ the four motivators for giving more effectively.



Understand and map the generations in the congregation. Explore generational motivators. Discuss the best uses of technology.


Monthly Flow of Learning

Each month, the Track 1 Workbook walks you through a weekly process that explores elements of your Congregational Culture.

Week One

1.5 Hours – Podcast and Buddy Exercise

Week Two

1 Hour – Preparation for Online Collaborative Learning

Week Three

3 Hours – Online Group Meeting and Mentor Call

Week Four

1.5 Hours – Put Your Learnings into Practice

Three Steps to Creating Renewal

Track 1

Congregational Intelligence

Who am I leading?

Gain greater self-acceptance and appreciation of others. Empower a congregational leadership team with new hope and awareness.

Track 2

Leadership Smarts

How am I Leading?

Learn how to skillfully engage others to make a lasting difference and craft a bold vision that sets the stage for exponential growth.

Track 3

Culture Shift

Where am I Leading?

Guided by Jesus' own example of ministry, refine your vision, gain alignment and champion execution of a new Kingdom-inspired goal.