Forty Days of Apostleship: Believe in Your Potential

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As COVID-19 continues to sweep the world, its impacts are many. There has been a loss of work, loss of human contact, and even life loss. The pandemic’s most devastating impact, however, is the loss of a predictable future. When will life return to normal? Will life ever return to normal? The uncertainty can be debilitating, and this is why it’s more important than ever that you believe in your potential.

I wonder if this loss of certainty, of predictability, is what Jesus felt as he set his face toward Jerusalem? If so, your Lenten journey is likely more closely aligned with his than ever before.

As the church heads into Palm Sunday, that’s why this week of the 40 Days of Apostleship is paramount. Jesus had to deepen his faith to make it through an uncertain future. The same is true for you. I want to tell you how Jesus did it, and how you can too.

We have explored how to expand our faith from merely believing in Jesus to thinking like Jesus. This expansion accompanies the move from discipleship to apostleship. Are you ready to take the next step?

Even on the way to the cross, amid great suffering and uncertainty, Jesus leans into his beliefs. He believed in his potential. Do you believe that you can fulfill your potential? Click To Tweet

Jesus Believed in His Potential

Because Jesus believed that he and the Father were one and that he did nothing apart from the Father, he could maintain an abiding belief in his potential. In other words, Jesus trusted that with God, he was capable of accomplishing what he sent him to accomplish. Even on the way to the cross—amid great suffering and uncertainty—Jesus leans into this belief. Listen in as Jesus talks with God: “Glorify your Son, that your Son may glorify you. I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do.” (John 17: 1, 4). You can hear the trust and confidence in Jesus’ prayer.

But what does this prayer mean? I had to look up glory and glorify to be sure myself. The glory of God refers to the radiant presence of God. To glorify, then, means to confer this quality on another. It’s a sign of divine approval. Jesus, through the quiet confidence of his belief, is asking to share in the glorious presence of God as a sign of God’s divine approval.

Soulful Step

When you are facing extreme uncertainty, belief in your potential is essential. Even so, it is one thing to know that God fully approves of Jesus and that the Divine presence and radiance is with him. It is another thing to know that Jesus and God fully approve of you. And that the radiant presence of God dwells within you. But it does.

Check this out. After Jesus prays for himself, he reveals his desire for every believer to be welcomed into divine unity. “I have given [all believers] the glory that you have given, that they may be one as we are one. I in them and you in me.” (John 17:22-23a)

Embrace the Belief

Do you believe that you can fulfill your potential? Or do you wrestle with the seven fears of highly effective leaders? If anxiety gets the best of you in uncertain times, you are not alone. So, let me ask you this: Would it make a difference to know that you bear the radiant glory of Christ within you? Not as an afterthought or an earned reward, but only by your connection with him? Most of us yearn for God’s attagirl or attaboy. The scriptures say you have it.

As you embrace this belief, it becomes easier to believe in your potential. You can do what is in front of you.

Perhaps you have heard of the “human potential movement.” It’s the idea that even ordinary people have the extraordinary untapped capacity. While it’s a movement that gained a footing in the 70s, it’s a biblical concept. If mere fishermen could train into apostleship, then you can rise to COVID-19 and the leadership challenges it presents.

The truth is, you not only have untapped human potential, but you also have untapped spiritual potential. Believing like Jesus means that you have a divine partnership, your prayers have power, you have superpowers, and purposeful life. The more you believe, like Jesus, the more your spiritual potential begins to take shape.

Apostolic Action

It’s time to let the glory of God shine through you. Co-create a positive future with God by rising to the challenges that are before you now. 

Finally, as you face uncertainty this week, practice seeing the glory of God in yourself and the people around you, even if you are standing six feet apart.

© Copyright 2020 Rebekah Simon-Peter. Adapted from the forthcoming volume, Believe Like Jesus.

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  1. Susan States

    Thank you Rebekah, I am preparing to become a certified lay minister with the hope of serving the poor and homeless. I was on verge of deciding not to peruse this when I read today’s message. I am renewed in my pursuit! Peace and Blessings 💜🙏!

    • Rebekah Simon-Peter

      You go, girl! Susan, you were called to great things. So glad you are not giving up on your potential, and God’s dream with you in.

  2. Paul Dryer

    Awesome to get introduced and familiar with your apostleship series! Also, your overall perspective on continuing the Father’s dream through Jesus Christ’s epic example and authority! The capacity to reach our God given potential is extraordinary indeed. During this disruptive season in the world and local communities I am pumped with anticipation on my next steps in growing and increasing my assignment. Regardless of the circumstances my breakthrough in continuing ‘Open Sky Adventures’ youth initiative to the next level is certain. The glory of God is elevated when our persistent faith manifests solutions during the least likely time and place. God’s dream and my dream together is on the move…forward!

    • Rebekah Simon-Peter

      Great work Paul! Excited to hear your perspective. The disruption we are facing is definitely creating new openings.


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