Forty Days of Apostleship: Six Soulful Steps to Believe Like Jesus

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Do you believe like Jesus?

As Jesus journeyed to the cross and beyond, he had to be sure of one thing. Everything—his life, his ministry, his sacrifices—rested on this one thing. Jesus had to be sure that his twelve disciples were ready to step up their spiritual game.

To live into their true calling as apostles – first students of the Gospel, and now agents of the Gospel—The Twelve would need to make a fundamental shift. They would need to move from believing in Jesus to believing like Jesus. Otherwise, they could not bring Jesus’ Kingdom dream into reality. And the message would die when Jesus did.

So, what is it that Jesus believed? And is it even possible for mere humans to believe these things as well?  Believing like Jesus is not only possible, it is essential in today’s world.

With the horrific events of January 6th, the attack on our nation’s capital and against our very democracy permanently etched into our memories, with our nation still crippled by a global pandemic, with a culture of systemic racism continuing to take the lives of our black and brown brothers and sisters, and with climate change rapidly affecting our planet and its people, the time is now to truly believe like Jesus.

Six Soulful Steps to Believe Like Jesus

Shift Your Consciousness 

Over the next forty days, I will reveal to you what Jesus believed and how you too can shift your consciousness to embrace these beliefs. Each week, I’ll blog about one of the six soulful steps you can take to believe like Jesus.

Even more exciting, over the next forty days, we’ll also explore what your world would look like if you operated in higher consciousness with Jesus. This will be a real journey of soulful transformation.

To prepare yourself for this jour­­ney of a lifetime, consider six dynamic beliefs of Jesus.

What Jesus Believed

  1. Partnership: Jesus believed he was one with God. Through this partnership, he co-created miracles with God. ­­
  2. Prayer: Jesus believed his prayers had power. He spoke of God, hearing and answering his prayers, and how his prayers had a positive effect on others.
  3. Superpower: Jesus believed he had superpowers. His greatest superpower was working with ordinary people, places, and things to bring about brand new realities.
  4. Purpose: Jesus believed his life had a purpose. He allowed this purpose to guide his daily living and decision-making.
  5. Potential: Jesus believed in people’s potential and held himself accountable for the fulfillment of their potential.
  6. Possibility: Jesus believed in possibility. He trusted in faith more than he trusted his fears.

Now that you know six of Jesus’ beliefs, prepare yourself to take the six soulful steps that will empower you to believe like Jesus as well.

From Disciple to Apostle

Just as Jesus needed to know, way back when, if The Twelve were ready to step up their spiritual game, so the world needs to know today. The world needs to know if the church is prepared to move from discipleship to apostleship; the world wants to know if the friends and followers of Jesus are ready to be Christ-like—to actively resist injustice and oppression in whatever forms they present themselves—and to act with sacrificial love.

I look forward to the Forty Days of Apostleship and sharing with you the six soulful steps to believe like Jesus so that you can answer yes. So much hangs in the balance.

This Lent may you be free to live with new beliefs, new courage, and new love. And may you be open to taking tangible actions that make a real difference in the world.

Miracles await.

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  1. Craig Mull

    From beginning to end, the BOOK is about business. From Jacob to Joseph, business.
    From the 35 pairs sent out, business.
    Who or how many have grown richer because of Bible business?
    Who or how many have blessed more because of their position?
    Who sees into the future or past to deal with the present?
    Melchelzidek, before the Cock crows, woman, were are your accusers’
    John 20:22, and Luke 24:45. How much is available to us, today as Apostles?

    • Rebekah Simon-Peter

      Thank you for taking the time to comment, Craig. I’m not completely understanding your response but would like to. Can you clarify for me what you mean about the “Book”, business and apostleship?



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