The Republicans learned a lesson the hard way. Mitt Romney’s loss showed, among other things, that the GOP is out of touch with the realities of the changing demographics of the American people.As a whole, we are more Black, more Hispanic, more Asian, more single and younger than ever before. One commentator said, “The GOP has to find a new way to tell their story to reach these changing constituencies, or they lose their power to shape the American landscape.”
An eerie reminder of what mainline churches face.
The popular wisdom is that President Obama was re-elected not only because of his grassroots campaign, but because his message and policies resonated with the young, the working and middle classes, singles, persons of color and ethnic groups.
As mainline Protestants age, a majority of whom are white, the church has to find new ways to tell our story to reach our neighbors. We too must continue to embrace the changing demographics of the American people. And the technologies they choose.
Previously, Twitter hadn’t figured into presidential politics all that much. Until now. But on Tuesday, President Obama Tuesday night’s tweet, Four More Years has become the most popular of all time, racking up almost half a million re-tweets within 2 hours.
How are you using Twitter to communicate with your people?
Diversity has taken center stage in our nation. Consider this. As a nation, we chose between a biracial president and a Mormon. Did you ever think that would happen? Marriage equality bills passed by popular vote in three states. More women were elected to Congress. New Hampshire now has an all female delegation. The first openly gay member of Congress was elected. As well as the first Hindu Representative and the first Buddhist Senator. America is changing.
The church must too.