What to Leave Out in Conversations about Race

What to Leave Out in Conversations about Race

Law, custom, and even religion are intertwined with racism. It’s so pervasive that it’s not always easy to identify, let alone dismantle. We must approach Constructive conversations about racism with emotional intelligence. I have written about arriving at...

The Peace that Passes all Misunderstanding

Science now confirms what scripture points to: there is a peace that passes all understanding. This peace, researchers have found, emanates from deep within the human heart. It is both measurable and reproducible. I suppose that’s not too surprising. The Biblical...

Giving Thanks for Difficult People

Some years back, I had a particularly difficult parishioner.   Let’s call him Jack. Jack was gruff, opinionated, and sometimes caustic. I was often afraid around him, and defensive. It didn’t take long to realize that he reminded me of another gruff, opinionated and...

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