Christian Traditions and a Young Jewish Boy

Christian Traditions and a Young Jewish Boy

As our awareness of different cultures and traditions grows, it’s good to remember that woven right within our Christian traditions are older, more diverse practices. Jesus, for example, is Jewish. Some of the traditions and practices that Jesus experienced as a...
Jesus Before Christmas

Jesus Before Christmas

The interesting thing is that December 25 wasn’t just the date of a pagan festival. It also coincides, in a way, with a festival that Jesus did actually celebrate.

Reinventing Religion

I attended two Passover Seders last week.  One I led for a large group of New Mexican church-going Christians.  The other was in the home of my Jewish kid brother and our religiously, ethnically diverse gathering of family and friends.  The first one was designed to...

Can We Truly Embrace a Jewish Jesus?

This week we celebrate the miracle around which Christian life revolves: the death and resurrection of Jesus. It makes me wonder if we are truly ready to embrace a Jewish Jesus. Jesus is seen as a Jew in many pulpits and pews, but usually as an exception, an anomaly....

Growing Up with Elie Wiesel

I mourned when I heard that Elie Wiesel had died. I grew up with this Holocaust survivor and Nobel Laureate.   No, not in Auschwitz or Buchenwald, the concentration camps of his childhood experience, but in the darkened room of my 8th grade Jewish Sunday School class....

Jesus, the Anti-Jew?

Church, it’s time to go all the way in embracing the Jewish Jesus. Yes, Jesus is seen as a Jew in many pulpits and pews, but usually as an exception, an anomaly. In too many sermons, commentaries,and hymnals his teachings on love, inclusion, and forgiveness are set up...

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