If you could boldly lead your congregation so they couldn’t wait for Sunday services would you?

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These three “P”s are keeping your congregation from growth.

Focusing on soothing people who have conflicting personalities, ministering from the past, and making decisions based on what seems probable or doable might seem like harmless, maybe even good activities.

They are all anti-gospel activities.


Because these activities are the opposite of how Jesus ministered.

The gospel of Jesus is about the improbable, the stunning, the miraculous.
Jesus showed us what is possible by the way he led.

When we lead like he did, congregations connect with their communities, and live into a fresh, new future!

Sundays become a day of joy!

Discover how to transform your congregation.

Raised in the Jewish religion, Rebekah Simon-Peter became a follower of Jesus and was ordained a United Methodist minister. Twelve years of local church ministry convinced her that doing ministry by the three P’s leads to burnout. She saw a vital need for boldness within congregations and their communities. Since 2011, she has been empowering church leaders and congregations to get out of the mire and into the miracle.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2021 at 9:00-10:30am MT.
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